TYPEWRITERS 1918 Corona 3

1918 Corona 3 Front

Year: 1918

Make: Corona

Model: 3

S/N: 150301

The second oldest machine I own, at least out of the ones I have researched so far. A tiny, well made, and beautiful example of an early Corona portable. When I purchased it, the ribbon colour select lever was broken, which because of the odd design of the machine made it unable to work in any way. I was able to fabricate a crude part to replace it from thin sheet metal. I hope to be able to make a more permanant and original part to replace it soon.

On nights without power, there is no better machine to type on by lamplight. The subtle glow of a flame, the feel of the keys beneath your fingers, and the joy of hearing each letter make its mark has no substitute. On another note, this was one of the machines I brought to my bowling league. I used it to keep score, much to the amusement of everyone else.

1918 Corona 3 Right Angle

1918 Corona 3 Left Angle

1918 Corona 3 Right

1918 Corona 3 Left

1918 Corona 3 Back

1918 Corona 3 Ears

1918 Corona 3 Closed

1918 Corona 3 Dealer Decal